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-- TFC 2006: The Summer 48 --

Well well, This friday is the Summer 48 Hour - Toronto Film Challenge!

I have only done this once before, back in March for the 24 Hr challenge.  Instead of Genre, Theme, Prop, and Word, this time they're going to be giving us the Location, the Crisis, a prop and a Genre to use.  It might be interesting to have to fight for locations with other teams.  The organizers are also going for the record of the most films being shot in a city simultaneously and so there are going to be alot more than 30 teams.  

Hot TipMake sure you know your editing software inside out.  

During the March 24hr my team got blind sided by an update for Final Cut Pro.  We had our film completely finished, it was a masterpiece in our eyes (I'm sure we're no different than other teams there).  There was a glitch in the update; and having shot in 24 fps. the software couldn't understand the missing timecode in between the frames, couldn't sync the sound and therefore couldn't dump to DV.  I'm sure if you watched the DVD of the competition they would have included a shot of us in the backseat of a car, parked at the finish line, futiley trying to remedy the problem and begging judges to look at our film to see that it was done.  Alas, there was nothing they could do for us.  DISQUALIFIED!!!                             

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