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-- Gala --

How did everybody enjoy themeselves?  The beer was expensive and the catering was minimal but at least we got to watch some.... okay films.  Our film ended up with an "Honorable Mention", which out of 58 teams isn't bad but it isn't a prize either. 

Still, I could only bring myself to admit that 3 of them were more imaginative than ours.  I found that most of the top 10 weren't really good films that told stories they just had a special effect or some gimmick that the Challenge people wanted to show off.  

I thought the best film there was Twentyeighteighty's  The Legend of Clipper Desantos.  Fantastic job guys.  The imaginatively used all components of their challenge and had a brilliant cast across the board.  I only wish they had hinted more heavily about where the barber disappeared to, although I think I got it.  

Plywood Cutouts' 
Crossing Brooklyn Ferry.   Hilarious, great script and acting but I didn't really feel that it fit into the Sci-Fi / Fantasy genre. 

The Warriors' Growing Memories was very interesting, great location, but could have used some more work in the script department and the sound was a little sketchy at times.

...other than that I don't know what they did that we didn't.  We told a story -- beginning, middle and end which is more that I can say for most.

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-- A Byte Out of Life --

Hot Tip:  Find a good way to have everybody relax.  Take your time writing.  Allow everybody to say everything they think before beginning production.    

       Shortly after meeting up with the rest of team Bun In The Oven, we all established one common hope.  That we would not....would NOT get the genre - mockumentary.  "Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony."  I was the chosen one to make the mad dash for the package, when I opened the bag and looked at our challenge I could not believe my eyes.  There, staring me in the face, in big bold letters were the words "GenreMoc. / Doc".  Assholes!  The rest of our challenge was as such:
Location, Near a dresser drawer
Crisis, A computer crashes
Prop, A mini first-aid kit

      After scratching our heads and eventually having to take a long walk to get our heads around the frustration of having been delt this mockumentary garbage, we finally came up with an idea.  The next day started at 10 am, we shot and edited until noon the following day.  Our film was about the trials and tribulations of raising a child that is half human - half machine, which ultimately is killed.  We called it A Byte Out Of Life. 
      I've got to say, I was a little disappointed with what we came up with.  Once we handed it in the pressure was gone and many better ideas came to me.  I held my tongue so that I didn't get drop kicked in the face.  My idea involved the survivor of a shipwreck floating in the ocean in a dresser drawer with nothing but his computer, a video camera (obviously) and first aid kit, he records his message to the world and his efforts to get rescued.  What would you have come up with using our challenge pack?  Did anybody else come up with any bright, post-challenge ideas?   
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-- TFC 2006: The Summer 48 --

Well well, This friday is the Summer 48 Hour - Toronto Film Challenge!

I have only done this once before, back in March for the 24 Hr challenge.  Instead of Genre, Theme, Prop, and Word, this time they're going to be giving us the Location, the Crisis, a prop and a Genre to use.  It might be interesting to have to fight for locations with other teams.  The organizers are also going for the record of the most films being shot in a city simultaneously and so there are going to be alot more than 30 teams.  

Hot TipMake sure you know your editing software inside out.  

During the March 24hr my team got blind sided by an update for Final Cut Pro.  We had our film completely finished, it was a masterpiece in our eyes (I'm sure we're no different than other teams there).  There was a glitch in the update; and having shot in 24 fps. the software couldn't understand the missing timecode in between the frames, couldn't sync the sound and therefore couldn't dump to DV.  I'm sure if you watched the DVD of the competition they would have included a shot of us in the backseat of a car, parked at the finish line, futiley trying to remedy the problem and begging judges to look at our film to see that it was done.  Alas, there was nothing they could do for us.  DISQUALIFIED!!!                             

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